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    The teacher lowered picked shoes in class

      The teacher lowered

    ask me to call again; but his wife had always got some—had taken

    ‘Only Brooks of Sheffield,’ said Mr Murdstone

    little right hand idly busying itself with one of the buttons of my

    My room was at the top of the house, at the back: a close chamber;

    ‘Not at all! You’re right!’ said Mr Omer ‘Well, sir, her cousin—

    him some offence But he greatly relieved my mind by putting a

    tassel on the top of his nightcap, which I did most cordially When

    Copperfield, to educate my son for the Church; I will not deny that

    I am a ghost gruff voice through the unspeakable excitement, flame Ying dyed fair transparent handsome face is hideous and treacherous.

    nearly as you can’

    before you go into Court?’

    a whole minute at a time, during which his pen went, or pretended

    your whole attention? I ask because I always want to be informed,

    peculiar in the temperature of my pantry, made the brandy-bottles

    Again the mysterious voice replied in the affirmative, and again

    ‘Did he tell you you would find him here?’

    a corner of the carriage, I rode by the side and talked to Dora She

    call to mind) of the plumage on the breast of a swan

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    David Copperfield

    Gummidge meant a home), ‘again you come back—to keep a

    to be laid down in her old bed, and rest her weary head where it

    You speak with a flirtatious smile, a full provocation.

    know—but, listen, if it is hard, dear, ask him I have

    sobbed and cried at first, and wouldn’t come out from behind the

    divided between pleasure and regret—pleasure in the

    thousand pounds Be happy!’ I picture my aunt relenting, and

    Janet looked a little surprised to see me lying stiffly on the sofa

    and enjoyed the reputation of having sold himself to the devil, I


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